A guide to LinkedIn Marketing Strategies

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is a platform that can make or break your business. It’s the place where you can build connections with others in your industry and beyond, form new professional relationships, promote yourself to top recruiters, and generate leads for future clients. You can also use LinkedIn as a tool to market your company or service directly to its members through guest posts and sponsored updates.

Target using LinkedIn’s Advanced Search

One of the best ways to find your ideal customers is through LinkedIn’s advanced search. You can use this tool to target specific users, companies and groups.

  • Use Advanced Search to Find Specific Users:
  • Enter a keyword or phrase into the search bar at the top of your profile page and select “People” as your filter type. This will show you all of your connections who share that phrase or keyword in their profiles (or anywhere else online). You can also add additional filters here if necessary. For example, if you want to see only people who are active on LinkedIn right now instead of going back in time for a longer period than just today’s date range (if there were many inactive profiles yesterday), then click “Show only” next to “Inactive” under “Date Range.”
  • Use Advanced Search To Find Specific Companies:

To find companies using this feature: enter their name into the search bar at any time during any day. Once they appear in blue text below their profile picture (#1), they will automatically be added as another filter when searching under People category!

Build a Company Page to enhance your LinkedIn Marketing

You can start by creating a Company Page. A company page is the best way to reach out to your ideal customers. So it’s important that you spend some time making sure that this information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Create a company page for yourself or your business, including all of the following:
  • Your name and contact details (email address)
  • A description of what your business does in one sentence or less
  • Pictures or videos of yourself or members of your team working at their desk

A list of your services, with a link to each page where you provide more information on what that service entails A call-to-action for your website or social media accounts

Create a Group

Creating a group to attract like-minded professionals is a great way to build your audience and promote your company. The best groups are specific about the topic, so it’s easy for members to know what they’re getting into with this group.

Members must share your passion for the topic. If you don’t have time (or interest) in learning about it yourself, then why would anyone else? And while members can post questions and get quick answers from other experts on the platform, they also have access to resources that help them improve their skills in their field.

For example,

If you’re an engineer who wants feedback on how well your design works before launching it into production—and you want specific recommendations based on real experiences—you’ll be able to find people who are experts at what they do right now! This is invaluable information because now all those ideas will come together in one place instead of scattered throughout various social media platforms where users may not know how exactly how things work together because each platform has its own particular way of doing things.

Use Your Profile to Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Use your profile to tell your story.

Your LinkedIn profile is an opportunity for you to share information about yourself and what makes you unique. This information can be used to create a strong brand identity. The more people know about you, the more likely they are to trust and engage with your business. This will help build trust with potential customers.

Use your profile as a showcase of work experience or achievements:

  • Showcase awards or recognition that demonstrate professional expertise and leadership abilities. (e.g., “I was chosen as one of 10 young leaders in my industry”).
  • Share examples of past projects or initiatives where others have entrusted their business with yours. (e.g., “This project resulted in $100k+ sales”)

Sponsored Updates

Sponsored Updates are a great way to get your brand in front of new and existing customers. They’re also a useful tool for building relationships with current customers, who may have heard about your product or service through word-of-mouth recommendations from friends.

To create a sponsored update, you need to first create an account with Buffer and add the Content Builder feature (which will allow you to upload content) before adding any sponsored updates that will show up on the website. This is where things get a little tricky: once you’ve created your first sponsored post, it’ll appear under “Upcoming Updates” as soon as it becomes available (you can schedule posts ahead).

Recommendations and Testimonials for LinkedIn Marketing

  • Ask for recommendations.
  • Write a recommendation.
  • Use your recommendation.
  • Get testimonials from others, if you want to include them in your content marketing materials (e.g., blog posts). The best way to do this is by asking people who know you personally or professionally to write something about their experience with you and how they benefited from working with you; then use that testimonial in an email or on social media networks like Facebook or Twitter so it gets seen by more people than just those who follow both of those platforms exclusively! For example: “I had great success working with Mary over at X Company last week because she helped me solve my problem of getting started on my new project.”

LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool

  • Use LinkedIn to connect with prospective customers.
  • Use LinkedIn to find new employees.
  • Use LinkedIn to promote your business.
  • Use LinkedIn to build your brand and grow awareness about what you do, where you are located, and so on.
  • Look for people who have similar interests as yours or maybe even less experienced than yourself in order for them not only become aware of this fact but also start following along with your content (i.e., blog posts).


As you can see, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing. It allows you to connect with people from all across the world and find out more about them than just a company profile would. It also gives you an opportunity to be involved in groups that share similar interests as yours, helping build your brand awareness as well.

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